Prateik: Short and sweet!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 10 -- Miss 007 had been to her college at Vile Parle to collect her leaving certificate and other important documents, because I insist on having a copy before hiring anyone for my services now. There, she saw Prateik (Babbar) addressing teenagers and promoting his film My Friend Pinto.

He invited a few students on the dias as a fun exercise. One of them was close to 6 feet tall, leaving Prateik feeling kinda short.

However, 007 says that the actor didn't make a fuss about it. Instead, looking at the height difference, he said that he's perfect to play a Pinto, who is short and sweet. He jokingly told the collegian, "Mujhe mere kad ka ehsaas dila diya!" Hmm, it's good that he laughs at himself. Older people need to learn from him. Such is life dearies!