Prateik, Amyra Dastur to play Romeo and Juliet to promote film



The makers of the film Issaq have come up with a unique plan to promote their movie. On Tuesday (June 18), the lead actors — Prateik and Amyra Dastur — will enact a skit inspired by the legendary Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet, at a promotional event in the city.

“The film is a broad adaptation of sorts of the play, so what could be a better way than to get the actors to reprise the characters on stage?” says director Manish Tiwari. For the skit, Manish has picked the famous scene where Romeo climbs into Juliet’s balcony.

It’s about seven minutes long. Those who have seen the trailer will know that the film is very dialogue-heavy. So we wanted to give the audience a lighter version with the skit,” says Manish, who hopes that the actors will live up to the audience’s expectations on stage. “Being a Shakespeare adaptation, it was easy for the actors to pick up the dialogues. But it wasn’t any less challenging for them to do it on stage either,” says Manish.

The title song of the film will be launched at the event. The production, which also stars Evelyn Sharma in a crucial role, is set to hit theatres on July 26.