Prasoon Joshi supports Uttarakhand victims!


Lyricist Prasoon Joshi, has been pretty vocal about his opinion on socio-political issues in our country through his poetry. He has now penned a song, ‘Mera desh’, to encourage people to donate for victims of the Uttarakhand floods.

“This is a question to my countrymen. Do we stand up for a cause and then move on? I’m trying to sensitise the nation and gauge how much it affects one part of the country when another part is affected by a calamity. The poem is to provoke that thought,” says Prasoon.

The writer is doubly concerned because he belongs to that region. "I was born in Uttarakhand and this devastation is painful because I’ve lived in places that were washed away. Through poetry, I am trying to stir up people’s emotions,” says Prasoon.

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