PPC keen to make Junior Krrish


By IndiaFM

Percept Picture Company is in talks with filmmaker Rakesh Roshan to make a film based on Krrish having a kid as the superhero, reports Business Standard. The report also says that according to Shailendra Singh, Joint Managing Director, Percept Holdings, PPC has forwarded the request to filmmaker Rakesh Roshan to grant permission for making Junior Krrish. And that they were willing to pay a royalty as well.

Percept is also gearing up to have a wholly owned subsidiary which will house all the animation movies and children content projects, including merchandising and gaming. With the initial budget of $2-3 million, PPC is also engrossed in making three or four films, a mix of animation and real-life characters, which are expected to release by 2009.

Hanuman Returns however is the current priority for Percept Pictures Company which will be releasing in December. Singh also claimed Hanuman to have become a brand with a superhero image, which at one point of time was just a mythological character. Hanuman 3, titled Return of Ravana, is on the cards, with a $10 million budget, slated for release by 2009,which will have a global story, featuring Ravana born in Manhattan.