Poorna Jagannathan signs second Hollywood film


By Hindustan Times

Delhi Belly’s Poorna Jagannathan, who made the audience sit up and take notice of her scintillating chemistry with Imran Khan, has two reasons to cheer.

First, she has finally moved to Mumbai. Secondly, she has signed Stuart Blumberg’s (co writer of The Kids Are All Right) Thanks for Sharing, along with Oscar-winning actor Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo of Shutter Island (2010) fame.

Poorna is currently shooting in New York for the film, which is based on sex addiction. She says, “It’s eerie. I had mentioned in a magazine interview that I would love to work with Mark and this offer came along. I have known Gwyneth for a long time now. And Tim Robbins (Mystic River, 2003) is an icon. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Bollywood delayed

The actor moved to Mumbai three weeks ago to be more “accessible” to Bollywood but hasn’t signed any Hindi film yet. She says, “I am very script-driven. I have been letting go of a lot of opportunities because they’re not right for me.”

Post Delhi Belly, she also worked on Peace, Love and Misunderstanding along with Catherine Keener and Jane Fonda. She says, “I learnt a lot working with them. Every take Jane did felt different in a subtle way. She watches you like a hawk and reacts to anything you give her. So her acting always appears fresh.”

The actor seems touched by Catherine Keener too. She says, “She had a sense of ownership about the script. She just invested everything she had into it. So she would always be talking to the writer, director and other actors about the scenes, how to make them work perfectly, questioning all aspects.”

So did she pick up any of these traits? She says, “When I do a movie, I become more deferential to the writer and director, not questioning that much. I learnt a lot from watching those two ladies.”