Poonam Pandey's B-Town debut confirmed


By Hindustan Times

After denying Poonam Pandey's claim about making Bollywood debut in his film, now Amit Saxena has taken a U-turn. He has confirmed signing the strip queen.

"Given her sexy image, no doubt Poonam will add value to the film," he told Mid Day.

The Jism director had earlier denied the reports to a daily saying: "This is appalling. Somebody has jumped the gun on me. I had a couple of informal meetings with the team. I've not confirmed anything, so I didn't want to comment."

So what was that for? "I had just met the producers twice and they didn't want the film to be talked about until things were final. I was also surprised and angry to read about it earlier. But now that it is on and Poonam has been confirmed, I'm talking," the tabloid quoted him as saying.

Poonam speaks
The starlet says her debut film is a coming-of-age tale, something that people have not seen before: "I've rejected 30 offers. But there was something very special about this movie. I have heard several story narrations, but this story was unique. I am sure people have not seen something like this before. My character is extremely interesting," she said.

So what's so unique about the storyline? "It's going to change people's mindset. It will change the way people think about Bollywood. It's radically different from the way films are being made here. I would say, it's not a normal story of a-boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love genre. It's a very different story."

Ask her if the film will have explicit scenes, the starlet replies in affirmative. "The bold scenes are shot in a very classy way. If I'm there, there is bound to be exposure. I have stepped into glam business with a bold image so why would I shy away from doing hot scenes in Bollywood."