Poonam Pandey gains six kilos for Nasha


By Hindustan Times

Actors are known to give it all for their roles on the silver screen, but Poonam Pandey takes it a step further. Having been a bikini model in the begining of her career, Poonam Pandey has maintained a size zero figure. For her Bollywood debut role in Nasha, director Amit Saxena told Poonam Pandey that the role demanded a sensuous aspect from the actor. That would require a voluptuous figure and some extra curves to give with the role.

Poonam Pandey reveals that initially she was skeptical about taking up the role. However, when Amit Saxena narrated the script, she was touched and simply couldn't wait to start filming, Poonam Pandey added.

For the role of an erotic diva, Poonam Pandey gave up her disciplined diet routines and gorged on junk food to gain weight.