Poonam Pandey frenzy on Twitter, Facebook!


By Hindustan Times

After 'strip queen' Poonam Pandey offered a date to her followers, Twitter and Facebook is flooded with messages from her fans trying to woo her to get selected.

The starlet tweeted today: "#DateWithPoonamPandey #Results Comiing Soon!! #2LuckyFollowers I want valentine for one day.suitable candidates..."

Messages on Twitter:

Jay Patel (jaypatel_0905): "I m excited to c u on vlntnes day here in Melbourne tht way u cn b near me &team india."

Karthik Chowdary.A (avinenKB): "It doesn't matter if there are 100K followers or even beyond it. Im Lucky. Poonam told me in ma dream."

Vinay K (vinay_rcb): "Tell u what,those to 2 people u select would well have done a lot of gud things in their previous birth."

Jaydip Parikh (jaydipparikh): "@iPoonampandey already made me famous via my tweets and now If I got chance for #DateWithPoonampandey it will be Awesome."

Mohammed Sheth (ShethMohammed): "Am also good looking so we will look good togather. So give me 1 chance and I'll do anything 4 U."

Ashu Vermani (beingashu79): "is it possible to meet u some day or u`ll be like a dream only???"

Chaitanya Deosthale (vengeance_mj): "just realized that it would cost me around $1500 for a #DateWithPoonampandey,but they would be totally worth it."

Swarit Sohaard (SSohaard): @iPoonampandey My birthday coming up this Monday . If i'm the lucky one then it will be a beautiful Birthday gift.

Messages on Facebook:

Ahad Samad: "Poonam pandey .....if u do accept or if u do choose me i promise to treat you like a queen whether i wont get another chance or not am willing to give it all.....a candle light dinner at some 5 * hotel.....thats if u .....atleast give me a chance....to impress you.....if i do get accepted......then ill pamper you with gifts."

Deepu Palode: "I want to be ur valentine."

Salman Kolani Hai: "Poonam i am ready."

Abinash Hazarika: "i want 2 date wid u."

How it started

Initially, the Pandey girl decided to date her 100,000th follower. "Win a Date with Poonam Pandey... Poonam will treat her 100,000th follower on Twitter with a Dinner Date," she had posted on the micro blogging website.

"For all my Tweethearts!! there will be a treat for sure. don't worry. i Love all my fans and all of you are special to me," she had posted later.

To be fair to all her fans, the starlet finally decided to choose the 'lucky one' from her entire follower base: "Ok Tweethearts!! as per ur Request, i will select the Lucky one out of 1,00,000 followers #DateWithPoonamPandey #ComingSoon."

At present, she has more than 100,000 followers on Twitter!