Police trouble for Anurag Kashyap


By Hindustan Times

For Anurag Kashyap, shooting for his directorial venture Gangs of Wasseypur (GOW) was far from a cakewalk. Once, during filming, he, along with his cameraperson, was even booked by the police for the alleged offense of shooting illegally. They were taken into custody and held up for three hours
at the Goregaon Police Station.

“We were shooting next to a mosque at Goregaon (E). People around the area got suspicious and called the police. So we were arrested and taken to the station,” says Anurag.

Apparently, aiming to capture the raw ambience of the neighbourhood, the crew was shooting with hidden cameras. That’s what sparked the suspicion among some keen observers. “We were shooting most of the film like a mission. We didn’t obtain prior permission as we wanted the actual mood of that space to reflect in the footage” says Anurag. Interestingly, the police didn’t take actors Piyush Mishra and Huma Qureshi, who were shooting the sequence there, into custody. “The police let them go,” says Anurag. “After we explained our job and completed the necessary paperwork, the police released us and also gave us permission to shoot for the film.