Pogo's Just-for-Laughs Gags: Just drive away your woes!!


By Manas Mishra, Bollywood.com News Network

Like I always say- “Laughter is the best medicine” as these days laughter seems to have taken a step ahead than all other reality based shows or daily soaps. After struggling & dealing with stress & workload everyday, if someone doesn’t gets his/her daily dose of laughter, his/her life would become hell. Keeping this in mind, Pogo channel makes sure to enliven its audiences with its show “Just-for-Laughs Gags” that eases of serious minds.

The show throws light on simple things of daily life that we tend to overlook and makes its viewers laugh & giggle as they observe people becoming victims of the gags. The program is all about using hidden cameras and creating situations which take ordinary people by surprise.

The delightful part of the show is the ignorance & innocence of the people who are pulled into gags. The entire team of the show lays stress on creating innovative & imaginative ideas, including the entire set-up of things along with the actors, so that nothing leaves viewers baffled as to what was the sole purpose of a particular gag or it failed to make them laugh. They don’t make use of any words in most of the spoofs. Rather, they make use of facial expressions & body movements to make it even more enjoyable & easier for even children to understand.

The spoofs include: -

1. Actor wearing animal skins (such as tiger, leopard, bear, etc) trying to hide himself behind the bushes and as someone approaches, he pounces on him trying to scare him out of his wits & the hidden camera captures the victim’s expressions.

2. A beautiful female actor waves at anyone across the street asking him to come over and when he approaches her, suddenly a male actor starts following him and the female actor pretends that she was actually waving to the male actor.

3. A fat guy (actor) trying to make situations worse in a public place by farting. The sound of fart is actually recorded on a cassette and is played while he is sitting somewhere in the park benches, bus stops, etc. The camera captures the awkward expressions of the people surrounding him making viewers laugh… and many more..

Every episode includes many more such gags without trying to hurt anyone’s sentiments and is a treat to watch. So if you wanna taste this daily medicine of laughter so that it flushes out all your worries, tune into Pogo Channel every night at 10 pm...

P.S.- Don’t forget to carry a handkerchief while watching as you’ll certainly need it to wipe off your tears while laughing your eyes out..!!