POGO & DISNEY : Kid’s Camp !!


By Prachi Singh, Bollywood.com News Network

Summer vacations are going to be here soon & mothers will definitely have to think of ways of keeping their kids busy & away from trouble. Television has surely taken up big time on kids with channels like Cartoon Network, Pogo, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, etc as they telecast a huge chunk of cartoons and kiddo shows 24*7.

Apart from the mainstream shows, Pogo has a very interesting programme up these days called M.A.D TV. Presented by Rob, it is a show where kids can indulge themselves in learning & creating pictures, sketches, toys, etc and that too out of waste material & mostly junk. And trust me the outcome is always amazing. Plus, there are loads of interesting facts that are shared from time to time & there are talented people that make appearances on the show too.

A similar show called “Art Attack” is up on Disney channel too where kids can learn to make various simple and colorful artifacts that can be displayed and put in their bedrooms, play rooms, etc. The show is presented by Neil.

Both the shows have a plethora of workable ideas and each and every segment is treated with a lot of detail for the young minds to understand easily. Both the shows are most colorfully presented and it is incredible to see how simple things such as cardboards, plastic bottles, thermocols, bottle cork, board pins, chalk, small computer parts, pebbles, etc can be transformed into toy cars, pictures, wall-hangings and many more such creative & eye catching objects.

So catch these shows on Pogo and Disney Channels. They cannot just keep the kids glued but even the elders sometime… Besides you never know your kid might wanna take up a creative career when he/she grows up!!