Please don’t link me with Ranbir, requests Anushka Sharma


By Hindustan Times

Anushka Sharma wants paparazzi to focus on her work instead of linking her up with her co-actors

You have been linked with co-actors Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. Now that you are working with Ranbir Kapoor, how do you plan to deal with link-up rumours with him?
Last two films I have been very happy as I worked with two married actors Shah Rukh Khan and Imran Khan. I have stayed away from these annoying stupid rumours. It gets too uncomfortable that you start working with an actor or may be go out with him for a movie or coffee. He is my colleague so I will go out with him, as that’s completely normal. But getting linked up in that situation is extremely silly and quite regressive, as if 1 guy and girl can never be friends. I am just hoping I am spared this time. Ranbir…. poor guy… I feel sad for him also. He is such a nice, intelligent and good-natured boy who is indeed a good friend. So please don’t link us.

But is your friendly nature and frequent appearances with your co-actors responsible for such rumour?
I am very proud of the fact that I have maintained a very good relationships with all the actors who I have worked with be it males or females. There is no agenda behind anything. I really respect the actors or people who I work with and I am not jaded with my position in the industry, as I know where I am. So this notion that I am dating all my co-stars is annoying because if at all I want to do it and hide it believe me you would not see me at all.

You made a hattrick with your on-screen lip-lock in Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola. Aren’t there any inhibitions?
I don’t look at it as something out of context. It is a part of the movie and screenplay. For instance, in Band Baaja Baarat after the lip-lock the story takes a twist. So I have never done anything to create a buzz around my movie or to titillate the audience.

Therefore it seems all right to me. Also, it is very mechanical… and we should stop making a big deal about it. When we shoot these scenes on the sets it seems there is a funeral on…everyone is quiet. So I do it as a part of my job, I will never ever allow myself to look vulgar.

Is your newly found friendship with Sidhartha Mallya a result of your cold war with Deepika Padukone and her proximity to co-star Ranveer Singh?
I have no problems with Deepika or anyone. I am here to work and not indulge into fights. I am happy with what I am doing and she would happy with her life. And all reports around us are false. It’s all like a dominos effect; just to cook up a story… there will be a series of lies to gossip about me. So basically its wrong the way women are perceived in this industry.

Your take on getting a Golden Kela Awards’ nomination in the Worst actress category...
It all has to be taken in good spirit. I am just happy that in this award show I can never go unrecognised. Even during Band Baaja Baarat, they have my name nominations… when I picked the best actress award. So the bottom line is that these guys love me.