Pink goes pop!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 29 -- Denim's blue no more. It's pink jeans that are hugging the bottoms of divas across the world, and taking the style street by storm.

In the West, film stars such as Rachel Bilson, Cameron Diaz and Kelly Brook have been seen sporting the style recently. And after Katrina Kaif was spotted in a ripped punk-style pair, the trend officially hit the city too. Several stores report that the sale of pink jeans has set their cash registers ringing.

"We have a lot of buyers who want pink jeans," says Manish Saksena of Tommy Hilfiger India.

Style gurus have also given it a thumbs-up. "It brings in a mood change and freshness," says Delhi-based designer Rina Dhaka. Payal Jain agrees, saying, "It's a very stylish 80s trend." However, designer Urvashi Kaur warns, "Pink jeans can make your lower body look bigger. So you need a well-toned body to pull it off."