Pied piper Aamir charms Delhi gals!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Feb. 21 -- The students of Janki Devi Memorial College will not forget Tuesday in a hurry, possibly never in their lifetimes. As hundreds of them waited for over four hours, without knowing who they were waiting for, they were in for a terrific surprise, when actor Aamir Khan, 47, walked in with British Prime Minister David Cameron, 46, for a chat with them.

"We were not told who was coming. I was totally numb on seeing Aamir in person," Shreya Tiwari, 20, tells us. So was Eshita Anil, 20, who adds, "All the girls were swooning over Aamir. He hogged the limelight. We could not believe that we were discussing women's issues with Aamir in a personal chat."

Ritika Sethi, a B.Com (Hons) student, still can't believe that she sat face to face with the actor. Jasmine Sahni, a final year student of Sociology (Hons), was the first one to ask him a question. "We even got a picture clicked with him," she shares excitedly.

While Aamir spoke on women's empowerment in India, Cameron spoke about education and job opportunities in the UK.