Photo Feature: Shilpa Shetty plays 'Don'


By IndiaFM News Bureau

If you think that SRK was not up to the mark as Don in Farhan Akhtar's version, then here’s some news for you. It seems that Shilpa Shetty has taken the responsibility of continuing the ‘Don legacy’ as she plays a lady Don in one of her upcoming films, Shilpa the Big Don.

For quite a while now, there have been reports doing rounds saying that Shilpa was offered a Hollywood film Pink Panther 2 which she didn’t accept. Now take a look at what she has given up the Hollywood flick for. After ‘Big Brother’, one would expect classier choices from Shilpa but tight jeans, garish naval exposing tops and junk jewelry like a dog leash attached from the neck to the belt surely don’t paint a very classy image. The word ‘classy’ probably has a different meaning in her dictionary.

One of the dailies had reported that Shilpa demanded 350,000 pounds for starring in a British film titled Quick, Slip Me a Bride. The producer then had no option but to move on and select another actress. But then looking at the production value of this probably dubbed Hindi film, Shilpa the Big Don, with Shilpa in an action-packed role, we wonder how much they must’ve paid her.