People want spice: Rakhi Sawant


By Hindustan Times

Rakhi Sawant says she was hardly noticed when she entered showbiz, but when she added ‘spice’ to her professional personality, it not only got her noticed but made her nationally famous. “When I came in the industry, I had no godfather. I stumbled many times but no one saw it. When I saw
no one is looking at me, I learned that people want spice and then I became Rakhi Sawant,” said the 33-year-old.

Rakhi, who is popular for her controversial banter and spicy item numbers, has a word of advice for those who want to make it big in the field: “One shouldn’t leave the main goal in life. Once you get success, you should not go crazy with happiness. You must think that there is one step ahead of success also and that’s how you should keep working,” she said.

Sawant was recently in the news for slamming southern star Dhanush for cancelling a performance with her at the last minute where the two were supposed to shake a leg on Kolaveri Di. But she says she has forgiven him now.