People have already forgotten the floods: Shekhar Kapoor



Renowned director Shekhar Kapoor says that the current political system can’t cater to the needs of India’s huge population. “The time our constitution was made, there were 350 million Indians and no one had an idea that after 60 years, most of them will move to urban areas and settle there,” he says. “Add to that the fact that it was created for people who didn’t have huge aspirations. Right now, 350 million people are below poverty line, the aspirations and dreams of our country’s people have become bigger.

The system therefore needs to be changed and the biggest problem there is that the system will fight back with inertia,” adds Shekhar, who was in the capital last week to promote his TV series, Pradhanmantri on ABP News. He tries to support his statement with the recent Uttarakhand flood example. “What’s the latest that you have heard about the Uttarakhand floods?

After the media stopped reporting about the same, what else have you learnt? Public memory is short. No one talks about it anymore. No political camp cares about it anymore. We have got back again to discuss if the country has 5% or a 10% GDP growth,” he added.