Penelope gets choosy!



Actor Penelope Cruz says her career is more deliberated post motherhood Her only release post delivering her son Leonardo with husband Javier Bardem last year has been Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which she shot while was already expecting her first child. But Spanish
actor Penelope Cruz doesn’t mind, as she is getting picky about her work post motherhood. “More and more, I try to be more picky with my selection. I am now able to choose the work I do, which I don’t take for granted,” the 38-year-old says in husky, heavily accented English.

Ironically, she plays an unhappily infertile woman in her next, Twice Born - an operatic soap partly set during the Bosnian war. “I think this movie is homage to all women, a homage to motherhood,” she says.

Apart from this film, she has chosen to re-team with the “obvious choice” of her trusted directors - Woody Allen, as a helpful prostitute in To Rome With Love; I’m So Excited with Pedro Almodovar and Ridley Scott’s adaptation of the novel, The Counselor. Her decision to commit to Twice Born is less immediately obvious though.

Meanwhile, Cruz, as a person, is friendly, thoughtful and smoothly beautiful. At her age, you suspect she has wearied of the charm, but soon realise that her luminosity is turned purposefully low.