PDA alert! Sonu Nigam locks lips with wife!


By Hindustan Times

Not many are familiar with Sonu Nigam's bold side. The singer was spotted locking lips with his wife Madhurima at a recent event.

Sonu married Madhurima on February 15, 2002 and the two are blessed with a son, Nevaan, born in 2007. Nevaan captured hearts of many when he recorded his own version of Dhanush's popular track Kolaveri Di.

This picture comes as a surprise as things weren't going well between the couple of late. In a February interview, the singer told Bollywood Mantra: "Madhurima and I need space, both of us are shattered, but life has to move on. I find there is no other alternative but to go our own ways, although we did try a lot to reconcile. It has been a difficult decision for me, because I am very sensitive and emotional. I am the type of person who gets attached even to his driver! I realised that my creativity would be at stake if I continued to pretend all was hunky-dory on the marital front."

"Madhurima continues to live in my house, but unfortunately, we do not communicate. I feel that it is better to part amicably, retaining respect for each other, instead of matters precipitating to a level where we do not even like to see each other's faces," the website quoted him as saying.

Earlier, Hrithik Roshan was also spotted kissing wife Suzanne Roshan which was hyped by the media.

Perhaps, PDA, especially kissing, is still a taboo in our country!