PC-Shahid not talking?



Mumbai, April 23 -- Ever since they starred together in Kaminey (2009), the industry has been abuzz with speculation about the alleged love affair between actors Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor.

And now, we've been informed that the two, who've always maintained that they are friends, apparently gave each other the cold shoulder during a recent shooting.

Last week, Priyanka and Shahid were present at Mehboob Studios to shoot for a special song for the upcoming film, Bombay Talkies. But a source tells us that they didn't bother to even acknowledge each other's presence, let alone speak to one another.

The source reveals, "Priyanka and Shahid were shooting simultaneously for the same song. The song features many actors but everyone has been shooting for it separately. So were Priyanka and Shahid. But though they were present on the set at the same time for the same schedule, they didn't interact."

The source goes on to add that both the actors gave each other the cold shoulder and went about finishing their work. We wonder what's gone wrong.