Paranormal Activity 4 leads weekend box office

By Hindustan Times

Paramount’s Paranormal Activity debuted at number one this weekend with 30.2 million dollars, which was a big drop from the 40-and 50-million-dollar openings of the last two instalments. Perpetual hit maker Tyler Perry failed to find an audience for his new persona as ace crime solver in
Summit Entertainment’s Alex Cross, which opened at number five with 11.8 million dollars.

Ben Affleck’s Iran hostage tale Argo held up well in its second weekend, remaining at number two with 16.6 million dollars, dropping just 15 percent from its debut, the New York Post reported.

Liam Neeson’s action sequel Taken 2, which topped the previous two weekends, slipped to fourth-place with 13.4 million dollars, lifting the 20th Century Fox release’s domestic haul to 106 million d