Pain is temporary and glory is forever: Eijaz


By Hindustan Times

Hottie Eijaz Khan, currently seen in Sony’s Shubh Vivaah, is a private person with a wild side. The actor has not one or two tattoos, but five! “My tattoos are personal. They are a form of self-expression,” says Eijaz.

His first tattoo was created three years ago. “I have an intricate arctic wolf howling at the moon on my pelvis,” he says. “Wolves are considered a symbol of strength and unity and I relate to each and every character trait of this fine creature. If I were an animal, I’d surely be this one.”

Within two months of his first tattoo, Eijaz was back at the parlour, this time demanding two ambigrams for his arms.

“The fun part of an ambigram is that one can read it upside down too. I wanted to wear my surname Khan, which means leader, on my sleeve. I think it’s cool. I am proud of it,” smiles Eijaz. The other ambigram is a combination of two different words, ‘Respect’ and ‘Believe’.

Eijaz’s tattoo number 4 reads ‘VIP Kameena’. “I had it done in the font of the title of my favourite film, Sholay,” he says. “I feel that we usually emphasise on what we are not in reality. The last one on my shoulder is a flying horse, Pegasus. According to Greek mythology, Pegasus takes souls to heaven. I have been through a tough phase in life and this tattoo signifies my death and rebirth.”

Five intricate tattoos. Didn’t they hurt?

Eijaz laughs. “Pain is temporary, glory is forever. Tattoos are an extension of your body and once you own the pain, they are yours completely.”