Packin' a Preity punch!


Author: Shubha Shetty-Saha

Preity Zinta is proud to have made it to the top without giving in to the casting couch

Preity Zinta has never shied from a battle, especially when it meant fighting injustice. But now, the perky actress admits she has mellowed down. "I have become much calmer now. I guess I am more relaxed. But even if I'm quiet for more than ten minutes, people will come up and ask me if I am okay. They are all so used to me being this hyper person!" she says.

The effervescent star is extremely proud of herself. "I have not had affairs with people to make it here. I have not done one wrong thing technically to succeed. I have not tried to contrive or walk over other's feet. I think that's my biggest crown. I would be more worried about what my colleagues or people who know me would say than what my audiences say about me," she says.

Always so cheerful, one would think she never gets bogged down by problems. She disagrees. "My theory in life is the only way to go is up. I do feel very down when I am faced with something that I cannot help. But I try to collect myself and pull myself up. I keep telling myself that others' opinion about me will differ, but it shouldn't matter as long as I know myself. I would look at every adversity as an opportunity."
But there is something that gets even her depressed. "If my mum is upset with me, I am shattered. She is the only family I have and if she is not happy with me, even if I win an Oscar I would not be happy."

Preity thinks she is secure because she comes from a secure family. "I think your upbringing matters a lot. No amount of stardom can give you security. You can be secure only by the love and attention that you got as a child. I also believe that when you get married it should be forever, at least for your childrens' sake. A family should be a complete unit. You can't make a child face the trauma of a broken home and expect it to be normal. I am not being judgemental here, but I refuse to understand an extra-marital affair. Once you have a child, you do not have the right to be selfish. I think people coming from smaller towns are more secure because their whole world is consolidated in their family."

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