Paan Singh Tomar is the best movie of the year, feels Kahaani writer

By Hindustan Times

The film Kahaani, for which she wrote the story, grossed Rs. 54.55 crore. Advaita Kala, also considered a pioneer of India's chick lit genre, says women are also heroes and need better representation in Bollywood.

"A woman cannot be used as a commodity and cast in a certain mould. The hero needs to acknowledge the heroine because the women are also heroes. The gender-sensitive mindsets in Indian cinema will have to go," Kala told IANS in an interview citing Kahaani as an example.

It isn't surprising that she struck the right chord with the story of a pregnant Vidya Bagchi looking for her husband on the streets of Kolkata in Kahaani as she had wowed readers with her maiden novel Almost Single in 2009. I