On 'Oye It's Friday', Aamir reveals his 'Time Pass Gang'


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

In the true tradition of sharing a sneak peak into what to expect in the biggest of films and the TV shows, Bollywood Hungama brings to you tid-bits around Aamir Khan's appearance in 'Oye It's Friday'. The show is also special since it brings Farhan Akhtar and Aamir Khan together again 7 years after they first created history with Dil Chahta Hai. Though the roles have changed from director-actor to host-guest, the camaraderie is pretty much visible all over again.

-There are some funny incidents that are brought to fore in the show with Farhan and Aamir getting nostalgic about the Dil Chahta Hai days. They talk about how Aamir preferred shooting for the film at stretch and completing it one scheduling but this wasn't seemingly possible with Saif proposing reschedules every now and then. Well, how did they manage to still get the film's shoot as per the schedule? Find it out in the show!

- Aamir also reveals that his favorite game is Chess. Why Chess? Because his son is supposedly quite good at the game and beats him at numerous junctures. As per the doting dad, defeat somehow seems like victory when you lose to you own son!

- Talking about sports, Aamir also reveals his admiration for sportspersons like Roger Federer and Sachin Tendulkar. For him, the tennis star and the cricketer are special due to all that they have achieved in life and the way they reached such heights; something that gave him too an immense drive to succeed in life.

- In between all such talks, there are also good bye gifts, Farhan Akhtar ishtyle, and for Aamir he reserves something extra special. Something which costs just Rs. 250/-, something which is useless to Aamir. Something that is the USP of Ghajini, something that he would never want to repeat in his life. Any guesses?

- When quizzed that how does Kiran, his wife handle all the female adulation surrounding Aamir Khan, especially in a world where Bollywood actors are themselves conscious of their wives' reactions to large scaled female admiration and interaction, Aamir cheekily answered that he hoped Kiran didn't get terribly jealous.

- When it's 'Oye It's Friday', glam quotient can't be left behind. After Neha Dhupia sizzling in last week's episode (with Hrithik Roshan looking at her in admiration), it's the turn of Tanushree Datta in this week's episode. She comes up with a sizzling-n-scintillating performance with Aamir Khan going all out in giving her a rating of 10 on 10. Farhan kept a point back though and rated her 9. Why did he do that? Well, he was jealous of Tanushree having eyes only for Aamir doing the entire performance!

- For someone who works with clock work precision, one can't expect Aamir to be a part of something that goes by the name of 'Time Pass Gang'. These were college days and he had a gang of his own. Not just that, he organized his first fair at a tender age of 12. No wonder, 30 years down the line, he is truly capable of organizing much bigger thing, marketing of his films being one of them, as apparent in the way he is pitching Ghajini all over. Some organizational skills, one must say!