Other shows have been aping Indian Idol: Anu Malik

By Hindustan Times

"Roses don’t always grow in the courtyard of kings, they can also grow in the backyard of beggars,” is music composer Anu Malik’s poetic line to describe the music reality show Indian Idol on Sony. The ever-changing show’s constant factor (Malik has been a judge on the show since the very beginning), he looks forward to a new season once again.

Not bothered by audience fatigue or TRPs, Malik says, “People have been asking me repeatedly about the next season. This is the one show that people associate with music completely. Other shows have been aping Indian Idol.”

Malik says he returns to Indian Idol every season to get a chance to discover amazing talent. “In the last six years, we have visited not just the metros, but the interiors of the count