Oscar winners for Harman's debut film - LOVE STORY 2050


By Taran Adarsh, IndiaFM

Harry Baweja and Adlabs, the team behind LOVE STORY 2050, which marks the acting debut of Harman Baweja, is one ambitious film to look forward to. The film has been in the news even without Harry making any noise about it. The latest development is, the producers have finally locked the release date: 21st December.

Not only has Harry invested a lot of money in the project, he is also investing a lot of time in its special effects. “We are devoting nine months to get the desired results. We’ve already spent four months and another five months will be required to give the film its final look,” Harry informs me.

The special effects are being executed by four international firms, of which two special effects’ houses -- Weta [New Zealand] and John Cox [Brisbane, Australia] -- have already won the coveted Oscar for their work on international projects.