Oscar library says 'Namastey London'!


Author : After Hours Correspondent

The script of Vipul Shah's film has been chosen as study material for cinema students

The script of Vipul Shah's hit film 'Namastey London', written by Suresh Nair, has been chosen for the Academy of Motion Pictures library as reference material for cinema students. The Askhay Kumar-Katrina Kaif starrer traced the hilarious romance between a Punjabi guy and a British girl. The academy has got in touch with Vipul Shah to procure the script. It seems more and more Bollywood films are on the international radar now. Vipul says, "We didn't make any particular attempt to reach out to the library. But out of the blue I received a call requesting for the script. They are now keeping track of what's happening on the Indian cinema scene."

'Namastey London' will be one amongst masterpieces like 'Finding Nemo', and 'The Passion of the Christ'. Before this, films like 'Devdas', 'Kal ho Na Ho' and 'Lagaan' have been selected to be a part of the prestigious library.

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