An open letter to Shahrukh Khan


By IndiaFM News Bureau

Dear King Khan,

Hope you would have seen the news clippings and read various news articles on India retaining the men’s Asia cup hockey title with a resounding 7-2 win over Korea in the summit clash at the floodlit Mayor Radhakrishnan stadium in Chennai on Sunday (09.09.07).

The win was convincing from the beginning. There was no uncertainty like they exhibit till the last over in Indian cricket. In the 4th minute from the start of the game, Shivendra Singh opened the score. Though Korea could score the equalizer in the 9th minute, Sunil and Prabhjot Singh scored each one goal and changed the scenario to 3-1 lead at the halfway stage. Indians kept up the tempo which lasted in a resounding 7-2 win which was a treat to the eyes and minds of thousands of holiday crowd who were spectators to this victory.

You might wonder why I am detailing about our country’s recent success in hockey to a Bollywood star like you. You have told to press recently that the way Kabir Khan (your character in Chak De India) reacts in the film after the team wins the final match to lift the world cup trophy, was your favourite scene and has given you some inner peace.

But even then you might disagree with me if I say that the success of this film might change the way we look at sports in India. Our recent win in Asia cup might not have any connection to your role in the film. But still the movie can change the thought line of thousands and thousands of Indians about the way sports and sportsmen are treated and how positive changes could be brought in.

The success of the movie may not bring immediate changes in the trend of sports. But it would force people to think positively, dream constructively and ultimately we might be moving to a row of victories.

Similarly you can ask your producer friends ( I know Yash Chopra is your close friend ) to plan a film about Indian politicians and you can play a role of a politician, may be as a Member of Parliament, who could be a role model politician to the upcoming future generations. Since present generation has seen more and more of dirty politicians everywhere, it would be tough to explain to future citizens as to how a good politician would look like.

This letter might not reach your eyes, or even if it reaches, you might just chuckle and forget it, but for me, I have expressed what I felt as a citizen of India.

Thank you