"At one point I wanted to be a journalist" - Soha Ali Khan


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Madhur Bhandarkar saw Nishikant Kamath's Mumbai Meri Jaan and he's blown away by Soha Ali Khan's performance. "Every actor is fantastic. But Soha is a revelation," says Madhur.

Soha is very proud of her new film Mumbai Meri Jaan. "I was surrounded by powerhouse actors like Paresh Rawal, KayKay Menon, Irrfan, Madhavan. I was the least experienced of the lot. And I was apprehensive."

Soha plays a television journalist. "At one point I wanted to be a journalist. Then I was at the receiving end. Now after playing a TV journalist in Mumbai Meri Jaan, I'm more sympathetic towards the media's job. I understand why they need to ask uncomfortable questions. Of course I still won't answer personal questions. But I understand the journalist has a right to ask what he or she wants to."

Soha didn't need to do too much research to play the journalist. "My job brings me into daily contact with the media. And I watch the news closely. Recently, when we had 23 bomb attacks in 24 hours I watched the full coverage. There's too much of desensitized, lurid, sensational coverage on television. I play one of those hard-nosed TRP-driven journalists. I play a journalist who forgets that during those times, the people being interviewed are human. Then I undergo a crisis and change."

In Dil Kabaddi, Soha is paired with Irrfan for the first time. "Though we're together in Mumbai Meri Jaan we don't have scenes together. I told him at the beginning of Dil Kabaddi to please advise me if needed. Yes, I'm open to advise provided it's done without lecturing and it should be given after I'm well fed."