Om Puri likes to be called 'Kaminey' by Gulzar

By Subhash K. Jha Bollywood Hungama News Network

Far from being abusive, the term kaminey, says Gulzar Saab, is a term of endearment. In fact an old associate and friend Om Puri actually comes home to Gulzar Saab, has his favourite snacks and waits for the favourite 'k' word.

"The last time he visited, Om said, 'Abhi tak aapne mujhe ek baar kamina nahin kaha'. It's like a little affectionate pat planted on the shoulder like a mock-slap to let the other person know you care."

Chuckles the ever-ebullient Gulzar Saab, "Far from being a negative term, kaminey is actually a term of endearment…unless added to 'kuttey'. It's