Now, a song for Anna Hazare!


By Hindustan Times

The man of the hour, social-activist Anna Hazare, has now become the inspiration for a song. Punjabi duo Meet Brothers, best known for their album Boond, have now written a song called Corruption Ki Ghulami and dedicated it to Hazare. The song was created two days after Hazare began his fast.

On Friday, the two brothers, Harmeet and Manmeet, visited Hazare at Jantar Mantar, where he had been fasting in protest, and gave him a CD of the song.

“It is our way of paying tribute to Hazare ji who is fighting for our future by trying to give us a corruption -free nation,” says Manmeet.

They aren’t the only ones who met the activist. On the same day, Bollywood filmmaker Farah Khan, Pritish Nandy and musician Vishal Dadlani also flocked to the protest site.

Singer Kailash Kher too performed in Mumbai on Saturday night “to celebrate Anna’s victory”. Refuting allegations of publicity mongering, Singh says, everyone genuinely supports the cause.

“We could have done 10 other things sitting in Mumbai to gain publicity. If we are here, it is to show that we really support Anna ji.”