Now, Shilpa Shetty to be sued?


Author : Shubha Shetty-Saha

Two firms in the UK are claiming she owes them money; sources say

celeb PR Max Clifford is targetting her for dumping him

Earlier it was “good friend” Raj Kundra’s wife Kavita calling her a

home breaker, followed by celebrity PR firm Max Clifford dropping her

from their client list due to her inaccessibility. And now perhaps the last

nail in the coffin is that a London law firm and a security firm are allegedly

all set to sue Shilpa Shetty.

According to reports from London, her management firm Cine

Entertainment has apparently failed to pay off debts worth $20,000 to

Carter Ruck for legal advice and guidance given to her after the ‘Big

Brother’ scandal earlier this year. According to reports, the security

company CTR Services is also planning to sue the actor’s company as

they claim her company owes them $6000 for providing her security in the

UK sometime back.
In fact, CTR had sent a notice to the actress’ agent Farhath Hussain on

June 26 asking for the money and had threatened to sue the company if

they failed to do the same.

Dale Bhagwagar, Shilpa’s spokesperson says, “Shilpa, though

associated with Farhath’s company for her promotions and assignments, is

in no way linked with the other companies. She is not directly associated

with the company’s concerns and thus cannot be held responsible.”
Farhath Hussain, however, says all this is a conspiracy to attack Shilpa. He

says, “The law firm did send us a bill of $10,000. We just wanted to know

how they came to this amount, so we asked our solicitor to ask for a call

sheet. Also, the security agency shouldn’t have any issues as we have

already paid every penny that we owe them. Their payment got delayed

because the figures they mentioned were not right and we asked them to

rework them and so they did.”

According to sources, celeb PR Max Clifford is getting back at her by

spreading negative stories about her. They claim she dumped him and not

vice versa!

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