Now, Rewind to Hindi classics!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Feb. 24 -- A new channel will soon give Sony Mix a run for its money. 9XM, after starting two language-specific music channels, will now launch its all Bollywood music channel Jalwa tomorrow.

The station will only air yesteryear Hindi film songs, with a special focus on the hits from the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s, something that Mix has been doing since it went on air, a few months ago. According to the channel's content head Amar Tidke, what sets this channel apart from the others is the absence of a specific time band for different genres of music.

"The current generation is restless and impatient. In the age of YouTube and various such fast platforms, people don't want to wait for a particular time of the day to watch a song from a specific decade or listen to a certain genre of music," he argues, adding, "They want everything at their disposal. So, although we have divided the day into many innovative shows, we haven't split them into genres or decades. At any hour of the day when someone tunes in, they'll find some cult, classic or hit number playing, regardless of which year it was released in."