Now, a reel take on corruption!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Aug. 21 -- With Anna Hazare' s agitation against corruption becoming the hot new topic of debate in the country, Bollywood too has found a way to connect to the issue. A film, based on the issue has been announced. In fact, the film was in limelight recently for having Baba Ramdev make a special appearance in the flick.

Titled Kranti: Fight Against Corruption, the film will have a British-Indian model, Anu Kashyap, play the role of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. The film' s producer, Arun Srivastav, says, "I met Anu on a trip to London. Initially, I wasn't sure if she could act in a Hindi film, but after talking to her, I was convinced."

Strangely, Anu bears no resemblance to Gandhi but the producer seems convinced. "See pictures of Soniaji that were shot some years ago, and you will start noticing the similarities. Makeup will further help," Arun says.

The film will release in May 2012 and the 'mahurat' is scheduled for mid-September and Baba Ramdev will reportedly give the clap for the first take. "We aren't sure about the dates of the mahurat because of Baba Ramdev' s busy schedule. We are still working out how long will his role be. The special appearance will be from two to five minutes," says Arun, who claims the flick will feature a stellar star cast, but refuses to share any names, saying, "I' m waiting for the shooting to start. Only then will I reveal the actors' names."