Now Kailash Kher wants to act too!


By Maanwi Malik

New Delhi, Oct 4 (IANS) Singer Kailash Kher, who made his mark in Bollywood with the hit "Allah ke Bande" and has sung many popular numbers, now wants to try his hand at acting as well.

The singing sensation says that getting filmmakers is not a problem, but getting roles that excite him is tough.

"I want to act, not for the sake of acting but to entertain people and make a mark in the film industry. My expectations from myself are to do a unique role that people have never imagined," Kher told IANS.

The singer also rubbished rumours about him having lived at Mumbai's Andheri station during his early days.

"I never stayed at Andheri station, all these are rumours. When I first reached Mumbai, I didn't know any place and I got stuck at the station ... that was the first and last night of my life when I stayed at Andheri railway station," Kher clarified.

Kher, who is called 'little Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan', is disappointed that such rumours have spread and even influenced youth.

"Someone came up to me and said that he had started staying at Andheri station, because I got my name and fame from there ... and after listening to this I felt so bad, I was disappointed that these rumours have such a big impact on people," he said.

Kher is also often compared to Elton John, but these comparisons don't excite him. He firmly believes that these are just people's perception.

"When people make these kind of comments, it is their perception about my music. For some, I sound like Nusrat ji, for others it is Elton John, but my music is for all and does not have any boundaries," he said.

Kher shot to fame with back-to-back hits "Allah ke bande" from "Waisa Bhi Hota Hai II" and "O Sikander" from "Corporate". His own songs like "Teri deewani" from "Kailasa" have been extremely popular.

He revealed that he has already sung for 25 upcoming films including "Aaja Nachle", which is Madhuri Dixit's much awaited comeback movie.