Now, it's SRK-PC v/s Sallu-Sohail!


By Hindustan Times

At a recent award weekend in Toronto, SRK and Sohail Khan threw parties in the same hotel, at the same time, but in different suites. Thus started the 'who goes where' game amongst the celebs since guest list of the two parties almost coincided (even Gauri was invited at Sohail's). But Priyanka was left out from Sohail's guest list. A mere oversight? Highly unlikely.

The reason behind the "error" maybe that Salman and Priyanka had a fall out after their movie Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. Even though they ceased fire after Priyanka turned up at one of Salman's 'Being Human' functions, Salman didn't approve of the newfound friendship between SRK and Priyanka, thus invigorating the clash between the two. Sohail being Salman's brother, left his brother's 'not-so-favorites' out of the party.

In fact, Priyanka on Karan Johar's chat show had asked, "Salman has something against me, but I don't quite know what that is?" When asked whether the strained relationship with Salman affects her, Priyanka had told Karan, "I really don't bother, because even though I have tried to clear the air a couple of times, he has never really come forward to do the same." She had even confessed how she had tried really hard to make peace with Salman. "Well, I have tried my best but after a point I felt that I don't make that much of a difference in his life or else he would have clarified as to how I miffed him," Priyanka had stated, adding, "After a point I am indifferent towards certain actors. One really can't be bothered about others all the time."

All the other celebs, including Hrithik Roshan and SRK's close buddies Maheep Kapoor (Sanjay Kapoor's wife) and Bhavna Pandey (Chunkey Pandey's wife), kept shuttling from one bash to the other except Priyanka and SRK.

"Everybody noticed that she had been left out from Sohail's bash. We doubt that she would have been invited if Salman had attended the party," revealed a good friend of Sohail's. Maheep, Bhavna and even Hrithik Roshan were seen shuttling between the two suites. "Dono side ko khush rakhna tha. But more people turned out for Sohail's party," the source told Mumbai Mirror.