Now, a docu-drama on Sanjay and Salman!



Mumbai, April 11 -- Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan - both of who are embroiled in separate legal battes - will now be the subject of a documentary film. Muazzam Beg, the writer who had written the story on which the 2011 hit Rockstar (2011) was based, will be making a documentary titled Munna Bhai, Sallu Bhai - Killers or Healers.

"Through this film, I will be showing their life journeys. It will include their social, psychological and economical life - from the time and even before they started their career in the industry," says Muazzam. The self-funded film is being made under the aegis of his new NGO, Indian Film Fraternity.

"It's not a feature film; it's a docu-drama. It's my democratic expression. A senior film journalist is helping me with this project," says Muazzam, who tells us that when he approached Salman, the actor showed interest in the project. However, he regrets that he is unable to contact Sanjay.

"I got in touch with Ganesh Acharya, who choreographed Sanjay for a song in Policegiri. He claims that he has known Sanjay for the last 25 years. Then how can he not have his contact details?" says the writer, who is still trying to secure an interview with Sanjay.

Muazzam is currently working on the pre-production of the documentary film that he plans to release soon.