Not bowled over: new TV shows during IPL 6


When the first domestic T20 tournament launched five years ago, it affected not only the lives of TV actors and channel heads, but also the housewives watching their favourite shows. While the former had to struggle to maintain viewership, the latter had to fight for the remote with their
husbands to catch their daily soaps.

Thanks to the novelty of the game, the collective viewership by TV buffs and cinemagoers slipped by a colossal 25 to 40 per cent. Looking at the way things stood, most channels refrained from launching new shows during the tournaments in 2008-09. Instead, they preferred to do so post the game season.

But since last year, the charm of the league seems to have worn off, thanks to the many scandals it has been embroiled in. And that has translated into happy news for channels. After three