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Sony's The Interview has raked-in over $15 million from online purchases and rentals alone in the US and Canada beating the business of their limited theatres releases.
Madonna ranted following the dismal sales of her much-publicised new singles that there are people who want to shut her up, but they can't.
The calendar for next year is already becoming crammed with sequels, reboots, and film adaptations. Here are some long-awaited sequels of big film franchises that are all set to woo audiences once again.

Box Office Results

  1. Ugly INR 0.4 cr.
  2. P.K. INR 237 cr.
  3. Action Jackson INR 58 cr.
  4. Ungli INR 19 cr.
  5. Happy Ending INR 20 cr.

Release Dates

  1. Tevar 9 Jan 2015
  2. Alone 16 Jan 2015
  3. Baby 23 Jan 2015
  4. Hawaizaada 30 Jan 2015
  5. Shamitabh 6 Feb 2015

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