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We run through a list of Hollywood stars who are now officially married!
American reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who is on a world tour, will not only be making a pit stop in India to promote her new fragrance, but will also be entering reality TV show, Bigg Boss.
If you thought Toy Story 3 was the last of the series that you will ever see, you were wrong! Disney has confirmed that a fourth installment of the world wide superhit animated franchise is indeed going to happen and will release in June 2017.

Box Office Results

  1. Kill Dil INR 23 cr.
  2. The Shaukeens INR 21.3 cr.
  3. Rang Rasiya INR 2.5 cr.
  4. Super Nani INR 1.4 cr.
  5. Happy New Year INR 200.7 cr.

Release Dates

  1. Ungli 28 Nov 2014
  2. Action Jackson 5 Dec 2014
  3. P.K. 19 Dec 2014
  4. Tevar 9 Jan 2015
  5. Baby 23 Jan 2015

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