Shekhar Suman says Sorry to Akshay Kumar

By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

When Shekhar Suman made critical remarks about Akshay Kumar vis-a-vis Chandni Chowk To China little did he know it would blow up into such a huge point of debate. In a reconciliatory gesture, Shekhar sent an SMS on Thursday morning apologizing to Akshay.

"It was never my intention to offend Akshay. And if I've done that, then I've no hesitation in saying sorry. Akshay is too much of a good soul for me to hurt him. He should've realized my comments had nothing personal about them."

Shekhar is taken aback by the backlash to his tongue-lash. "I never knew my opinion would matter so much. I reacted as an outraged viewer. I've always admired Akshay Kumar's resilient climb from the bottom rung to the top of ladder. In fact I tell my son Adhyayan that Akshay Kumar is a role model to follow. Self-made superstar." Sadly a section of Akshay's supports including the Chandni Chowk director Nikhil Advani saw Shekhar's comments as below-the-belt attempts to get publicity for Adhyayan's release this week.

Shekhar laughs off this accusation. "My son is talented enough to do without such cheap props. We don't need to use big names to get noticed. Adhyayan's performance in Raaz 2 will speak for itself. I'd say exactly what I did about Chandni Chowk even if my son's film wasn't releasing."


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