Dino Morea plans to launch brother as director

By Devapriyo Bhattacharjee

Mumbai, Sep 28 (IANS) Bollywood actor Dino Morea, who recently started his own production house called Clockworks, says he plans to launch his younger brother as a director to fulfil his grandfather's wish.

"My grandfather used to watch a lot of films and he always wanted my younger brother to become a director. And he had this dream that my younger brother would one day become a big director. He said this to my father before his death and my father asked my brother to get into films," Dino told IANS in an interview.

Dino's brother Santino, who is also a model, is currently assisting director Karan Johar.

"I want my brother to learn about filmmaking and be a good director. That's why he is with Kara