Suniel Shetty sends team for rescue operations in Bihar

Mumbai, Sep 3 (IANS) Bollywood actor-producer Suniel Shetty has sent his team from water-sports centre H20 for rescue operations in flood-ravaged Bihar.

Suniel's concern for Bihar has much to do with his friendship with Railway Minister Lalu Prasad.

"Laluji and I are in constant touch about the flood situation in Bihar. He's been calling me three-four times a day. He has helped me understand the gravity of the flood situation in Bihar and how we could be of help," Suniel told IANS.

"My partner Rajiv Somani, who's the brain behind H20, suggested that we send our water experts to Bihar. That's when Laluji's disaster-management team swung into action and got in touch with our H20 team. Our H20 team consists of fishermen and ex-navy personnel.