Irrfan, Rahul swap role in 'Dil Kabaddi'

Mumbai, June 23 (IANS) In Anil Sharma's "Dil Kabaddi", which is almost complete, Irrfan Khan and Rahul Bose have swapped each other's roles.

While Rahul plays a professor, Irrfan will be seen as an executive in the film that deals with friends and complexity of marriage while living in a big city.

"I found Irrfan's role was more interesting. The one that I was offered was similar to what I had done before. Me playing the cool executive type would've been predictable whereas me playing the professor's role that was first offered to Irrfan sounded more challenging," Rahul, who was seen as suave investment banker in "Chameli", told IANS.

"Normally, you'd associate Irrfan more with the scholarly roles. Irrfan is now playing cockier role. I've done cocky before," he added.