John Abraham mobbed by thousands of girls!

Mumbai, May 29 (IANS) The unconventionally planned music release of "Aashayein" turned out to be far more unusual than planned. After John Abraham sang the number he had diligently rehearsed, the girls forced him and the band back on stage for more.

"It was simply crazy. I think we underestimated John's pull and his pursuit of excellence. I thought he'd come on stage croon a few lines, shake his hips in tight trousers, blow kisses and melt into the night. No way," Elahi Hiptoolah, executive producer of "Aashayein", told IANS.

"John arrived at 3 in the afternoon for the technical rehearsal. By the time the evening came, he was fully prepared. And so was the audience. It was all calm peaceful and romantic with