Movie Review: Jimmy

By Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama News Network

By a strange co-incidence, the new releases of last two Fridays have been poor clones of the 1970s/80s formula. Two weeks ago TASHAN and last week's MR. WHITE MR. BLACK were perfect examples of outdated cinema trying to make a foothold in the multiplex era, but in vain. Now add JIMMY to this list!

JIMMY is meant to be the launch of a star-kid [Mimoh Chakraborty], but the question that crosses your mind constantly is, is the script befitting the launch of a star-kid in the first place? Does it do justice to the debutante's skills? Most importantly, how could a veteran, experienced Mithun Chakraborty okay such a shoddy script for his son's launch?

One look at Mim