Movie Preview: Raat Gayi Baat Gayi

By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Character Sketch:

Rajat Kapoor as Rahul is an ad film maker and a perfect family man. He and Mitali have been married for eight years now and they have a beautiful daughter that he dotes upon. Rahul is loyal to his friends, socially successful and charming. A single encounter with a mysterious woman changes a lot of things he would formerly assume as established facts about himself and his married life.

Iravati Harshe as Mitali is an intelligent modern urban woman and a professional sculptor. Married to a loving husband, Rahul, she gave up her career for her marriage and believes she has chosen well. She wants to work, but feels guilty about ignoring her husband and child. What happens at the party, the night before, could subvert the many truths of her life.

Dalip Tahil as Saxena is a middle aged writer who has had his moments of glory, fame and success. He is polished and articulate and has a penchant for philsophising. Some people say that he married for money. That could be true--but he is the life of every party, he is the intellectual that everyone wants to be with whereas Jolly is often the butt of many jokes.

Navneet Nishan as Jolly is Saxena's wife who has aspirations towards intellectuality and has a Mrs. Malaprop like predilection for impressing upon others by dishing out funny instances of her half baked knowledge. She is frivolous and gullible, flighty and loud but an endearing person despite her failings when she insists upon helping the people around her.

Anu Menon as Nandini is married to Amit. The strain in their relationship begins when she catches him watching porn. She sees it as an indication of a failure of their relationship. She hopes to talk about it to her friends, Jolly and Mitali.

Vinay Pathak as Amit is almost a prototype of the regular Indian male. He hides from his wife and watches porn, but is also clumsy enough not to cover his tracks. Through the film we see him as a character hoping to undo the damage and en passant, also provides a comic relief, because deep down he believes he hasn't really wronged Nandini and his apologies are both profuse and insincere.

Neha Dhupia as Sophia is the stereotypical femme fatale. An aspiring actor who holds everybody's attention at the party but remains distant and aloof. He