I have a man’s ego in a lot of ways: Sonam Kapoor


Though she hails from a film family, actor Sonam Kapoor says she wants to make her own identity without help from her actor father Anil Kapoor. “I feel there’s very little that can grow under a banyan tree. So, I have tried to create my own path and have very successfully done it — whether it’s
through my fashion or the movies I choose,” says the 28-year-old.

In her six years in the industry, with 11 films under her belt, Sonam says she has tried her best to avoid taking a piggy-back ride on her dad’s shoulders. “I tried not to do much with my father. It’s a very selfish decision, as I just wanted my own identity. So even when Aisha was produced, my sister (Rhea) produced it. It was her first film. I never asked my father to do this for me. I think I have a