Bollywood’s new trend scape!


Showbiz is as unpredictable as our monsoon. Just when you’re expecting a heavy shower of blockbusters, you might get a drizzle of flops. And like the legendary screenwriter William Goldman once observed, ‘Nobody knows anything in this business’. Least of all, the guy who writes scripts,
considering he gets free advice from everyone, including the actor’s driver and the director’s cook.

Here’s an insight into the eight trends that are most likely to hit Bollywood.

1. We are probably going to see more superhero films in the coming future. And since we might run out of old masterpieces and hits from the south for remakes, we might reinvent this wheel and do a Batman on good old Zanjeer (1973), since both the films have similar plots; except that the angry cop Vijay in khakis will become the masked guy in a latex costume, with Sher Khan as his s